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Auto Detailing Services in Baltimore, MD

You can have your car washed, or you can have it detailed. They are similar, but definitely not the same thing. As the name implies, when you take advantage of our auto detailing services in Baltimore, MD, your vehicle is more than just clean. It really means that all the little things are taken care of in a complete and thorough way.

An auto detailer takes the time to do the little things like using compressed air to blow away any drops of water that hide behind door handles so they don’t leak out later and cause a streak on a nice clean surface. They will use an old toothbrush to dig into cracks and crevices that are hard to reach and even wipe and vacuum the ceiling in your car. Once Advance Window Tinting is finished detailing your auto, it will look like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

Not only do we make your car look spotless, but we can also make it look complete, elevate your privacy, and lower your car’s interior temperature on hot days with auto window tinting. We also understand that sometimes you are too busy to come to our shop, so we will come to you for mobile window tinting. We are ready to refresh your car whenever you need it.